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The packaging industry in India is creating ripples

by:Top-In     2020-07-08
In a bid to cater to the increasing demand of Packaging products, players in the industry are constantly adopting new technologies. Along with other packaging, such as paper packing, board packing and bottle packing, the packaging industry is seeing a surging demand in the packaging for food and Pharma products. With demand arising from pharma industry for specialized products especially for drugs and chemicals, Packaging Companies are evolving with software technologies to speed up not just packing process but to maintain quality of medicinal products. Seeing its huge potential Indian players, too, including Packaging giant, Uflex Ltd is increasingly catering to the Pharma industry with sizable investments in pharma packaging which is seeing a huge demand with an increasing consciousness amongst the consumers (end users) to stay fit. Uflex is the largest BOPET Film Manufacturers and BOPP films in India. Uflex provides packaging solutions to some of the key Pharma companies and also caters to an increasing demand from the FMCG segment. Moreover, the growing awareness of AIDS and other STDs has also led to an increase in the demand of the for contraceptives and disposables syringe usages. The industry for specialized pharmaceuticals packaging is also seeing a healthy demand which is one of the key reasons attributing to the growth of the packaging industry in India. It is expected that, in the coming years, with an increase in health consciousness (the urge to consume heatly, nutritive food), the packaging industry will see a further growth in the segment the players catering to these segments are expected to acquire a good market share.UFLEX Ltd is the Bombay Stock Exchange (UFLEX: 500148) and NSE listed India's largest flexible packaging company with large manufacturing capacities of plastic film and packaging products providing end-to-end solutions to clients across more than 114 countries. It has vast capacities for production of Polyester chips, Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Teraphthalate films(BOPET films) and Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films, Printing & Coating Inks, facilities for Holography, Metalization & PVDC coating, making Gravure Printing Cylinders, Gravure Printing, Lamination and Pouch formation. UFLEX Ltd. is India's largest and fastest-growing flexible Packaging Companies with large capacities of plastic film and packaging products which provide end-to-end flexible packaging solutions.
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