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The plastic bag debate

by:Top-In     2020-07-30
Should the use of disposable carriers be banned?
Please read both sides of the argument and tell us what you think is true, says Rebecca Hosking, I believe many of you are familiar with our story.
Modbury, a small town in Devon, stopped using plastic bags, trying to reduce the waste of plastic bags and the impact on the environment.
Photographer women take part in the environmental movement and you may also realize that as communities across the country follow suit and start their own similar initiatives, the \"plastic bag story\" is well beyond our town.
With the 33 boroughs of London recently proposing to try and pursue similar adventures, and the prime minister\'s announcement that \"we can eliminate single --
To use disposable bags for a long time
Durable and more sustainable alternatives \", both me and Modbury\'s traders know that the plastic bag debate is much bigger now than we are.
When I was sitting here writing, I had a letter in front of me from Gordon Brown to the Modbury trader.
He mentioned in his report that he plans to hold a forum with supermarkets, the British Retail Federation and other interested groups to urgently assess how to deal with plastic bags.
I think the \"other groups of interest\" mentioned by Mr Brown are likely to include plastic bags and packaging manufacturers, and it is clear that singles are prohibited
The use of plastic bags in terms of the environment is not because the stakes are much higher, and I am concerned that the chaos of water and the lobbying of vested interests will really begin.
We have seen the start of the game in the international media.
The other day, when we were accused of \"green spins\", we had to laugh at Modbury.
We are not an organization, we are not lobbyists, we are not a green think tank with an agenda.
We are just a rural agricultural town in the West, and the main contact person of interested people is the butcher, the gift shop owner and the lady who runs the art gallery!
I don\'t want to refute the argument of the plastic manufacturer because it\'s never been of interest to me, I just watched the show quietly.
Now, however, I have read it many times, and I do feel the need to point out some of the fallacies that come back and forth.
First of all, because the production of paper bags can be said to be more damaging to the environment than the production of plastic bags, so prohibiting plastic bags will do more harm than good.
The increase in energy impact, etc. is only true in the case of a plastic sheet replacement, which has never actually happened.
In the past six months in Modbury, half a million plastic bags we usually issue have not been replaced by half a million paper bags.
In fact, they have been replaced by less than 50,000 of paper and corn starchy bags using repackaging
Reusable bags can reduce the use of disposable bags.
Everyone else and myself would like it to go a step further without any one-time carrier, but only time will prove that.
The second tired old chestnut seems to be the misleading use of the Irish Republic statistics after tax on the bag collected there.
Citing a plastic bag manufacturer, \"plastic bag sales fell by 90 when Ireland taxed plastic bag sales, but plastic bag sales fell --
Passenger ships rose by 400.
\"On the face of it, it seems to indicate that the tax package is a bad thing.
However, it is always worth checking the numbers.
The number of \"400\" seems to be an honest mistake, as the actual growth in bin liner sales in Ireland is close to 77.
But what exactly do these numbers mean?
What they mean is this: so the use of plastic bags is generally reduced by more than 1.
8 billion plastic bags.
Even if the \"400\" figure is correct, it still means that the use of plastic bags has decreased by 0. 75 billion overall over the course of a year.
In any case, enough numbers.
I just want to point out that things should not be seen in terms of surface value.
The plastic bag debate will only become more intense and you should not blindly accept the fact of the plastic person or accept my fact without any doubt.
I may have no intention of becoming one of the country\'s leading experts on how to convince a small town in south Devon called Modbury to stop distributing plastic bags, but I am not one of the world\'s top experts on environmental impact to disposable plastics.
However, I have been in touch with these experts for nearly three years.
From reading a great deal of scientific literature and what I personally witnessed, I am very confident that, as far as I know, the message I have communicated to the media is correct.
But I \'ve been longing for journalists to walk past me and talk directly to scientists about the global problem of marine plastics.
These guys are more knowledgeable than I am.
They have a lifetime career in the field and have peer review procedures to support them.
There may be some legitimate arguments against plastic bag manufacturers and other groups that restrict our use of these disposable items, but the only responsible way to make these arguments is independent peer-reviewed scientific research.
At least in this way, we can reasonably determine that there is a level playing field.
As for Modbury, we do look a bit like the kid who pointed out the new clothes for the emperor.
It wakes up the country and the plastic industry can scream for blue murder, but all of us here have responded very politely, \"We\'re sorry, but we don\'t need this product anymore \".
However, if I take a walk along any of my local beaches, I will realize that I have done very little.
There is too much disposable plastic waste on the coast, plastic bags are just the tip of an iceberg with a huge problem, and I feel like I have barely achieved anything.
I\'m just someone who stands up and tries to make a little change in my local community, hopefully they can understand and see what\'s going on.
At this level, it plays a role.
Our little story clearly resonates across the country, and we are happy that so many communities choose to follow suit, but now, to ensure real national change, or at least a truly balanced debate, we need to hear from scientists who have no financial interest in the outcome. www. plasticbagfree.
Ceo David Tyson said that the packaging and film society we all love to do our best for the environment, but the country has fallen into contempt for plastic bags because of myths, misconceptions and misinformation.
This is dangerous not only for the environment but also for science and democracy.
Today\'s \"ban bag\" phone is like a crowded crowd waiting on the gallows yesterday.
In this case, however, in the absence of a fair trial, calls for public execution are taking place.
If someone is bothered to look at the fictional facts, there is no reason to kill someone who is efficient, practical, convenient, and redesigned
Recyclable products.
These moves contradict scientific evidence and expert opinions.
Irrational hysteria is replacing responsible environmental management and will cause more damage to our planet.
Two years of evidence from the Scottish Parliament led to an agreement.
If we take punitive action against plastic bags, the party will accept more waste.
It also highlights the fact that plastic bags account for less than 1 of the garbage on our streets.
It is believed that plastic bags will not cause garbage.
Blaming plastic bags on rubbish is just a gimmick that leaves us off the real task of educating a more responsible social attitude in all areas of the environment. Less than 0.
Among the domestic garbage to be landfill, there are various types of plastic bags.
In fact, most of the free plastic bags end up in landfill just because they are the best way to get rid of our household waste.
Government research shows 4 out of 5 households
Using plastic carriers
It is usually used for safe and hygienic treatment of rotten and smelly waste.
This includes containment of dog feces and cat litter.
A recent independent study shows 59 in the United States
Use all our plastic carriers.
That\'s why it\'s nonsense to say that the Irish plastic bag tax is successful.
Official import statistics show that as people have to switch to garbage bins, more plastic bags are used after tax than before.
Many retailers have also added packaging to their shelves to replace the sanitary protection provided by plastic bags.
Plastic bags are a huge waste of oil reserves, which is not true either. Just 0.
Petroleum raw materials are used in plastic transport bags, even this small part is made by borrowing the following items
Oil refining products that will burn otherwise-off.
So, as long as we extract oil for industry and heating (39 per cent)and transport (27 per cent)
It makes sense to use its scrap.
Don\'t forget that once we use this plastic we can recycle it for a long time
Council daily necessities such as garbage bins and weather-
Benches in the park.
This is undoubtedly a model of environmental practice.
In the reduction
Use, recycle the hierarchy, plastic bags have better scores than all
Called environment
Friendly choice
If we continueusing it.
As a substitute for plastic bags, the life cycle analysis of the paper shows that the pollution they produce in the global manufacturing and transportation process is far greater than the lighter, thinner and ten times the plastic.
The same concern applies to transporting bulky cotton bales from Asia.
Environmental activists should have serious reservations about the working conditions they are in.
It\'s also ironic that so many
Paper bags on the market are waterproof with plastic linings or coatings.
A recent exam nationwideaway of \'eco-
The friendly cotton bag indicates that a large amount of plastic is used to reinforce the handle
Much more plastic than the free supermarket bag!
Most importantly, one day paper, cotton and hemp bags will rot and release carbon dioxide and methane.
Unlike plastic, the plastic will eventually break into thin, inert, non-toxic powder. So-
The so-called biodegradable plastic bag is not a panacea.
They violated the first rule of sustainable development because they were deliberately allowed to waste.
They also have the potential to degrade and produce greenhouse gases in landfill sites, and unless we are able to separate the collection of plastic waste, these materials may seriously pollute our existing plastic recycling program.
Nothing is simple in terms of environmental impact assessment, but the fanatic green argument against plastics is too simple to be responsible.
Plastic bags account for about 2 kg of each of our annual average carbon emissions of 11 tons.
We accuse plastic bags of killing marine life, but we will not dream of banning cars involved in the mass daily slaughter of wildlife.
Local authorities in London have told us that 2000 of the city\'s population wants to ban shopping bags, but this is based on less than one of the seven million Londoners in total --
The city is less than 2 per cent of 1 per cent.
This double standard and practice of forging true facts is now prevalent in the green waters that threaten our democratic right to know the truth every day and our freedom to judge facts for ourselves.
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