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The reason why supermarkets wrap fresh fruit and veggies in plastic

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James Law of Au joined Studio 10 to discuss a petition launched by a WA woman asking supermarkets to stop packing small amounts of herbs, vegetables and fruits in plastic and foam plastic.
Why is the banana on the left not packed and the banana on the right wrapped in plastic film?
Source: Pat Lao\'s food, the last straw is a sweet potato.
It grows in Australia\'s fertile soil, sorted and picked by hand, then wrapped in plastic at will and placed on a foam plastic tray in the local wool.
MS Lao from Bloom says killing them with unnecessary plastic packaging is not going to treat our fresh fruits and vegetables.
So much, a change.
Western Australia has begun to reduce the plastic waste in fresh agricultural products channels, and has now received more than 120,000 signatures.
But while the petition is directed directly to Coles and Woolworth, it seems that Aldi-
Not two.
Probably a bigger fan of plastic packaging.
There is also evidence that fruits and vegetables most likely to be packed in plastic are considered the most natural --
Organic produce.
In this case, the packaging has nothing to do with freshness and has nothing to do with our shoppers.
Organic plastic packaging sweet potatoes that triggered the source of the petition: supply Ms Lowe used the image of packing potatoes on the petition, vividly illustrating the problem.
But there are many options.
\"One of my friends saw all the herbs wrapped up.
She was angered and wanted to complain, and I said it was not a local thing --
She told the news that we need to go all over the country. com. au.
\"Cucumbers have their own skins for God\'s sake, but they are still wrapped in plastic.
\"The excessive use of plastic in supermarkets has become the focus of attention.
According to data from the Australian Packaging Convention, 2015
Recycled plastic packaging accounts for only about 31.
At the same time, the project, in cooperation with the Australian clean organization, puts pressure on new states, Victoria and Western Australia to ban the use of plastic bags at one time
The last country did not do so.
There are some plastic-packed products in every supermarket, especially if cut.
Source: The petition by Lowe edms Lowe called on Coles and Woolworths to \"stop packing a small portion of herbs, vegetables and fruits in plastic and foam \".
In addition to saving resources, plastic enters the ocean and is consumed by fish and birds, she said.
But how widely is plastic packaging used in supermarkets?
MS Law admitted that her petition did not cover both IGA and German giant Aldi and did not reach the West until recently. So News. com.
Au surveyed Coles, Woolies, Aldi and a local vegetable and fruit shop in a shopping mall in inner west Sydney.
All of this can be found in plastic packaging.
However, loose unpackaged produce dominates at Coles, Woolies and veggie fruit stores.
At Coles, Woolies and veggie fruit stores, most of the produce is loose --
Like these sweet potatoes.
Source: The organic plastic cola supplied, far from being placed on the plastic tray, the sweet potato overflowing from the huge container.
Most often, it is found that plastic is wrapped in multiple products, such as cutting products such as Apple bags, washed salads or pumpkins.
However, this is the organic part and the extra packaging is very rich.
In fact, the image of sweet potatoes MS by Rovey is an organic variety.
So why is it that when food is planted and wrapped in plastic, they are the least likely to come into contact with chemicals?
In a statement, when the petition first went up, Coles said it was to \"allow the difference between organic products and traditional products --
Let our customers get what they pay \".
This means there is no package --
\"Organic\" sticker on package
The checkout staff may not be careful in the lowerorganic price.
Of course, unscrupulous shoppers can also use organic food as a cheap self. Service register. News. com.
Au also knows some customers looking for organic products and they think the extra packaging is reassuring.
It provides additional certainty that vegetables are indeed raised separately at the usual price. Woolworth\'s non
Organic bananas (L)
No packaging.
There are two kinds of organic bananas.
Cardboard tray, film or plastic tape (R).
Source: supply this Coles organic ginger in cardboard tray with plastic film for easy identification at checkout.
Source: supply Woolworths MS Rovey initially raised the petition two years ago.
But she revived it this month after observing that it didn\'t seem to change much.
\"In fact, I \'ve also seen things like grapes that will eventually turn into plastic,\" she said . \".
In just a few days, another 30,000 people signed up.
Nevertheless, some changes have taken place during these two years.
For example, in the organic department of the main supermarket, those offending foam plastic trays are missing --
Instead of cardboard.
In fact, organic sweet potatoes are no longer on pallets at all in Woolworth --
Now, it just wrapped a small piece of plastic tape with a barcode.
Woolys told the news. com.
Its organic suppliers use recycled packaging.
In addition, the polystyrene tray was canceled in the organic part.
But other plastics can be seen outside the organic area.
\"We will continue to work with all of our suppliers to actively seek packaging alternatives that reduce the number of packages or improve recyclability as much as possible,\" a spokesman said . \".
There are very few products packaged in this independent vegetable and fruit shop.
But there are a lot of them.
Source: A spokesman for supply coessa Coles said that when packaging is used for fruits and vegetables, they use \"sustainable options\" such as cardboard and Poly that can be processed in household recycling bins
Though, plastic film needs to be brought back to the store for industrial recycling.
\"We do everything we can to prioritize the sale of loose fruits and vegetables to minimize packaging.
\"However, sometimes packaging is needed to protect the freshness of the product and ensure food safety.
\"In a separate vegetable and fruit shop, plastic can be found mainly around the packaging of avocado, chili, peeled garlic cloves and cut pumpkins.
In Aldi, you can only use the lime in the plastic box.
Source: The supplier editor of cucumber is the same.
However, plastic is the most obvious in Aldi, Australia\'s third-largest supermarket. Some produce —
Such as tomatoes, cauliflower and peppers
Can buy loose
But if you want only one cucumber, it\'s bad luck.
Only four can be bought at a time.
Mushrooms, lime, zucchini and carrots can only be purchased in plastic.
Their plastic packaging is strong.
Other retailers have only one plastic bag for apples, while in Aldi, the apple is packed in a plastic container and then packed in a film.
\"Aldi, Australia, has packaged some fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce bruises and protect customers from harm,\" a spokesperson told reporters . \". com. au.
Pat Lao called on supermarkets to further reduce plastic packaging.
Picture: AAP Picture/Dan Peled
Source: AAPThe said it is \"working on best practices for plastic packaging design and reduction \".
However, Aldi notes that, unlike its competitors, it has always opposed the use of plastic bags at one time.
MS Lowe said she was confident that the petition would be signed by 150,000 people and that she would consider sending it to Aldi and Coles and Woolies.
She said that her ideal supermarket would put all the fruits and vegetables out of order.
If a bag is needed, a bag made of recycled materials or quick bamboo can be used.
\"I grew up in an era where there was no plastic in the supermarket.
We just took our own. ”benedict. brook@news. com.
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