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The Right Chemistry: Is all this plastic packaging necessary?

by:Top-In     2020-01-27
I went for dinner: cucumber, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, bread, dumplings, pasta sauce, chicken breast, blueberry and honey crispy apples.
The plan is to make a chicken steak with a supper and a salad.
The dessert is fruit.
Something hit me when I opened my loot.
Other than the pasta sauce in the bottle, everything else is packed in plastic.
The cucumber was wrapped up in Polyethylene sleeves, my 7-
The grain bread may be a two-way stretch of polypropylene with lettuce in a reorientation
I guess it\'s a sealed bag of polypropylene.
Cherry tomatoes and blueberries are placed in a transparent polyester container, tuanzi is packed in a flexible plastic vacuum and may consist of several layers of different polymers, chicken is placed on a polystyrene tray and wrapped in PVC or low density polyethylene.
The reason for this speculation is that while a familiar recycling triangle must be used to identify a solid plastic container, this label is not required for plastic wrap.
My Apple also set foot on the journey in the common tears
Plastic bags provided in the supermarket.
Three questions came to mind when I looked into the scene.
Are all these plastics necessary? What is the environmental impact? Is there any problem with the chemicals that plastic penetrates into food packaging from food packaging, protecting products that are sensitive to oxygen exposure, reducing waste and increasing the variety of food.
Blueberries or cherry tomatoes are not available all year round without proper packaging as they are rich in nutrients.
You can\'t see the bins of blueberries, and if you do, it won\'t be a good sight due to damage caused by handling and corruption.
This brings about the problem of food waste, which is a huge global problem.
About the third type of food produced in the world is about enough to feed 3 billion people, either lost or wasted.
Due to mold, insects, rodents, improper refrigeration and inefficient transportation, \"loss\" occurs during production \".
Food that \"waste\" occurs in restaurants is discarded, the purchased food is not eaten at home, or the produce in the store is spoiled or not purchased because of some minor flaws.
Calculations show that in North America, almost one pound of food purchased per person per day is eventually discarded due to deterioration and excessive waste of the table.
Proper packaging can reduce waste in shops and homes.
For example, plastic sleeves on cucumbers extend the shelf life from 3 days to 14 days by preventing moisture loss and fungal contamination in the air.
Two-way directional polypropylene ensures no oxygen passes with my 7-grain bread.
The gnucchi in the vacuum package is actually as fresh as the day of the package, because more
May be a layered plastic package of polyethylene and ethylene
Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) prevents moisture and oxygen from entering.
Moisture contributes to the growth of bacteria and the oxidation of various food ingredients, resulting in poor taste.
Packed chicken is not in danger of being contaminated on the way from the store to my cutting board.
Clearly, plastic packaging can benefit retailers and consumers.
But in the ideal environment, all plastics are collected and recycled.
But in the real world, the land is finally buried, and the land of 32 is finally submerged in the landscape and the sea.
Half of the 28 cents collected were used for energy burning and half for recycling.
We must do better.
It is estimated that by 2050, there may be more plastic weight in the ocean than fish without major action.
Unfortunately, not all plastics can be recycled in their original form.
Polyester cans, which is why it is a crime to discard polyester containers including beverage bottles, as these containers can be processed into new containers.
My Cherry tomatoes are packed in a container made of recycled polyester.
Multi-layer plastics cannot be easily recycled because their ingredients cannot be separated, but they can still be recycled into lower-value items such as plastic wood.
Chemists are working to develop a single recyclable polymer with the flexibility, barrier properties and strength of multi-layer plastics.
In addition, a wide range of studies have been conducted on high-performance polymers that can reduce the amount of plastic required for packaging.
For example, polyethylene can be coated with a layer of silica, basically glass, with a thickness of only one millionth of one metre, which makes it have a barrier property similar to that of multi-layer plastics.
Weight reduction means a much smaller carbon footprint.
While paper, aluminum and glass are easier to recycle than plastic, the same job requires less plastic, which means that transportation costs are reduced both financially and in the environment.
Of course, environmental issues must be weighed against reducing food waste because waste can also have an impact on the environment.
Think about the cost of seeds, agricultural chemicals, and the energy needed to process and transport food that has never been eaten.
Obviously, one can debate the environmental pros and cons of plastic packaging in a disgusting way.
But what is the impact on our healthy plastic? It can accommodate unreactive monomer as well as a variety of catalysts, antioxidants and plasticizer used for manufacturing.
For example, one can paint a terrible picture of the migration from the PVC plastic wrap to the estrogen-like neighboring benzene Ester plasticizer in the food.
There is no doubt that traces of these chemicals can be detected, but the quantity is insignificant.
Other components used as catalysts in polyester manufacturing, such as antimony oxide.
In my opinion, the advantages of using plastic in food packaging are greater than the disadvantages, mainly due to the strengthening of food safety, more variety and less waste.
However, we must emphasize recycling and reduction where possible.
I took home what I bought with a reusable bag.
I have done some good things for the environment by reducing the need for manufacturing funds.
I paid for it in plastic.
Fried meat chops and supper are delicious if you are interested, the salad is fresh, the blueberries are delicious, and the apples are crisp.
This is because it has been protected by wax spray.
But this is another story of another era.
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