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Columbia Costume - Dress up as the red-headed groupie faucet dancer Columbia. The Columbia costume features a sequin tube prime with a gold sequin tail coat. It also includes black and white striped shorts with a red sequin bow tie and black leading hat. Add your individual red wig and black heels, and you're all arranged. Riff Raff Costume - Do the Time Warp as Riff Raff. He dwells in Transylvania and is Frank-n-Furter's minion and Magenta's brother. The Riff Raff costume need to incorporate a black tail coat with black pants and a white shirt. It also offers a practical glimpse with his finger-less black gloves and white spats. Include your individual prolonged blonde wig and you are going to match right in. Frank-n-Furter Costume - Frank is a key character in the movie, portraying a flamboyant and devious scientist. Only the brave need to endeavor to properly adorn his costume, as it includes smaller black briefs with attached black garters. Include in black arm mitts and fishnet stockings, and a black vest, and you will be dressed for the display. Magenta Costume - Magenta is a domestic helper in Transylvania, and is yet another one of Frank's servants. Her costume ought to contain a black maid gown with a white apron and white headpiece. Supplement that with a significant curly red wig, fishnet tights and a feather duster and you're all set for midnight movie madness. Friends enjoy to social gathering on with kooky hats to use. o Funky Fur Hats o Pirate Scarves o Jester Hats o Newsboy Hats o Boa Hats o Rasta Hats o Crown Hats o Stovepipe Hats There are many much more different kinds of hats. If the friends can put it on their heads then it turns into a hat. You'll discover that there are all types, even a rubber chicken hat, offered to acquire for your upcoming party. Derby, Top Hat, and Daddy hats are almost certainly the most frequent of the social gathering hats. The derby and the leading hat normally produced of plastic and arrive in several ranges of colour and model. You are going to come across smiley encounter derbies, and silver sequin covered leading hats. Daddy hats are leftovers from the jazz era and produced for Sugar Daddies. They come in velvet and are normally trimmed with faux fur. They arrive with the regular huge brim in numerous colours from blue to rainbow stripped. Newsboy caps come in subsequent with their shiny vinyl or satin cap and small bill. You are going to really like to hand this out for a girl's celebration in satin pastel colors or for a rock and roll get together in black or red vinyl. The other hats are also really well-liked, specially amusing hats this sort of as the Jester Hat or the Stovepipe Hat. They typically get lots of laughs from mates and household. The Jester hat is incredibly colorful and can come with all those enjoyable little bells on the tips of it.
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