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Doctors play a vital role in laser treatments Lasik doctors usually come with outstanding credentials. Most of them are board certified and are highly trained in laser vision correction and intraocular surgery. Laser Eye centers in Los Angeles have surgeons who contribute to pioneering efforts in this area of work. Practicing surgeons have extensive experience working with the latest techniques. Most of them combine the latest breakthroughs of research and technology with the highest standard of patient care. Safety, comfort and outstanding vision are what they stand by and ensure that the same is delivered to their patients. Lasik surgery offers a wealth of benefits Laser Eye centers in Los Angeles ensure improved vision to patients with a simple outpatient procedure. Results are expected to be permanent after a period of three months as the eyes need that amount of time to adjust properly. Lasik doctors make sure that their patients can return to their normal schedule as soon as the day after surgery. Patients can safely give up the thought of wearing contact lenses and glasses after the procedure. Another type of laser treatment offered these days is photorefractive keratectomy which is with regard to surgical correction for mild to moderate degrees of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. An excimer laser is used in this case as well. Dry eye screening for patients before surgery The quantity and quality of tears produced are extremely vital for healing of eyes after a surgery. Most patients will have to undergo testing before the procedure. The three tests for detecting dry eyes include the schirmer test, tear breakup time and imaging. The schirmer test is conducted with a thin strip of paper which is placed under the lower eyelid to calculate the quality of tear produced. The tear break time test is done by placing a small amount of dye on the surface of the eye to check how and when the tears break up on the eye's surface. Imaging is basically a test which is done without touching the surface of eye. This test shows a view of the tear film.
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