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There are many kinds of mattresses for cribs nowadays

by:Top-In     2020-07-06
Why is it Top Selling? The Naturepedic brand is one of the more popular choices in bedding for kids these days. This brand boasts that its line of mattresses have a whole lot of features which will surely guarantee you a worthwhile investment for the safety of your baby. These include: 100 percent organic cotton for the exterior while the inside has medical grade film infused with Naturepedic's proprietary Dry Sleep technology, which helps block out any liquids. The firm side of the bedding is made out of water-proof polyethylene, which is considered a food grade type of plastic, while the inside is made entirely of organic cotton and is treated with a fire retardant solution that is non-toxic. The crib pad is washable even with washing machines and makes use of 2 layers of organic cotton flannel, making it much thicker than the usual type of crib mattress. How Much does it Cost? Of course, you'll have to consider your budget when you are checking out those reviews on kids' bedding to help you determine which the best choice for your baby would be. However, you'll be glad to know that the Naturepedic No Compromise Organic cotton classic model costs 259 dollars, which makes it a good deal. Of course, you can pair this with the Cotton Flannel Pad from the same company in order to add further softness to it. What Can You Expect from Naturepedic? What's great about this brand is that its products are widely available either online or offline. These mattresses also meet all the requirements of Federal & State flammability regulations, thus ensuring that your body is truly safe from any potential chemicals which may harm their health. Another thing that you should look forward to is the 30 day money back guarantee, which essentially means that you can try the product out and if you're not content with the results you can send it back.
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