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There are numerous ways to market and advertise

by:Top-In     2020-07-23
A credit card style USB drive can be used for a various types of marketing from personal to business. The credit card style drive can be made from plastic or metal. It is the size of a credit card and sleek enough to fit within a wallet. The drive's large, smooth surface can be laser etched, screen printed or printed on both sides with full photographic CMYK printing. The drive has a USB built in and features a hinge allowing the USB to swing away or towards the body. To use this style usb as a marketing tool, USB Promos recommends treating it as a small card. Start by printing your brands logo, message, contact information etc. onto it. We have the ability to preload all requested data to your USB drives before the order is shipped to you. Depending on the industry the information that should be loaded varies. For example: The amount of information that can be preloaded depends on the memory. We offer all standard sizes of memory from 128MB to 64GB. The credit card style USB drive presents the perfect business card. Put everything a prospective client or new employee needs to know about you into the palm of their hand.
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