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There's no denying it...

by:Top-In     2020-06-11
There's lots of ways to ensure your business card stands out. There are unique materials including plastic, silk cards, wood, and metal. There's foil stamping, embossing, and die cutting. There are 3D cards. CD and DVD cards. Not to mention a host of other options too. So why do so many people decide on run of the mill cards? Affordablility. Think about it - business cards often are viewed as one of the most cost effective and inexpensive marketing mediums available to a company. Of course, as soon as you begin die cutting,foil stamping, and printing on unique materials, your cost can rise from a handful of pennies per card... to fifty cents... to literally a buck or more for each. A pretty dramatic change, wouldn't you agree? For many that kind of investment legitimately makes good sense. But that's not always the case. The same can be said about men and women who need their business cards to help them get employment, or for larger businesses who need business cards for departments full of workers. In both of these situations, it's good to have solid, professional business cards, but anything on top of that - such as costly design, unique effects, and other add-ons - could be financially extraneous. Is there an easier, more affordable option for standing out? Sure is. There are a few ways actually. One of the best is by adding raised print to your business cards. Raised ink business cards are very similar to standard business cards with the exception that both the text and logo rise above the rest of the card, resulting in both a unique feel and look. Most business cards don't have texture which is why raised ink cards are a very classy choice that can certainly stand out. On top of that, raised printing is a cost effective add-on that requires no special design skills of any kind. All you need is a print shop that offers it. Another simple way to ensure your business card standd out is to choose a more professional, more unique paper stock for your card. This is such an easy, but oft overlooked option (possibly because few of the big online printing companies seem to offer it). Deciding to go with a colored, linen, or marble stock can give your card a a unique and professional look and texture, that most other business cards lack. This too is a distinguishing characteristic that requires no time, no effort, and sometimes, little to no added expense either. The bottom line is, if you're looking for a professional business card that doesn't break the bank, consider raised printing or a unique card stock. It is a simple option that provides the uniqueness you're looking for, without the extra effort, time, and expense of some other popular business card varieties.
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