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these are the seven beauty products you should store in the fridge

by:Top-In     2020-08-04
Blogger Farah Dhukai makes homemade beauty products using the food in the food storage room.
Her DIY video taught everything from removing acne with green tea to whitening teeth with ginger powder.
Photo: The Farah DhukaiSheet mask is one of the seven products you should store in your refrigerator.
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Source: suppliers from nail polish for longer duration to super eye cream
Some beauty products are the best frozen service, enhancing the soothing power. 1.
Does massage need to relieve inflamed or irritated skin?
Stick your mask in the refrigerator.
\"This will cool down the surface temperature of your skin and lead to a reduction in blood flow, thus alleviating redness and numbness of the skin,\" said Jenny Bui, science communication manager at skincare brand Avène . \".
Try: abalone in blue-zone ocean-dense mask, $48 in 8 masks.
Dehydrate, stabilize sensitivity and soften the skin with a gentle mixture of minerals, protein and hyaluronic acid.
You should have a mask in your refrigerator.
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If you need to hurry and pretend to be awake, keeping your eye cream cool will help you get eight hours of sleep at a time.
\"The cold feeling reduces edema and has a soothing effect by increasing blood circulation,\" Bui said . \".
Try: Clinique Pep-
$44 eye cream.
Massage along your orbital bones and eyelids with this lightweight cream
Instant puff eyes. 3.
Because vitamin C is structurally unstable, it needs to stay away from the sun and excess heat.
If you are unable to control the light or temperature of the bedroom or bathroom, store the expensive serum in the refrigerator.
Try it: $188 skin care serum. 32.
This bright skin panacea is rich in powerful antioxidants, which can protect the skin from premature aging while stimulating collagen production. 4.
Exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity can lead to a breakdown of the smell, which means that your bathroom vanity is not the best place to store the smell.
Put your perfume in a cool, dark environment in the refrigerator, though, and you\'ll protect them from degradation.
Try: Lancome La Vie Est Belle L\'Eclat light perfume, $120.
Mix together with this uplifting orange, orange blossom and Turkish rose oil to fill your steps with spring.
Perfume bottles should also be refrigerated.
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Facial Spray makes the most of the soothing facial spray by keeping it cool.
Keeping them cool helps reduce redness and swelling and temporarily tighten pores, according to Bui, which will make your skin tone more calm and even.
Try: a $25 hot springs spray from Aven. 99.
Spray your face with this nourishing spring water spray to send any red, itchy and sensitive packaging. 6.
If you go.
Looks like a sharp cat\'s eye.
The artists will put your pencil in the fridge.
Low temperatures can cause it to harden, which will make it easier to tip and help create more precise tips for the app.
Try: $13 Max eyeliner in Mecca.
Because of its height
Impact color and non
This eyeliner makes your eyes relaxed. 7.
To prevent the nail polish from being separated or become sticky, stick the nail polish in the refrigerator.
The high temperature and sunlight can destroy the stability of the formula, so keeping the varnish cool can ensure that it stays perfectly smooth.
Try: OPI shines infinitely, I want a gin and a $22 construction. 95.
Brighten your winter season with this warm hue.
To stop the nail polish from turning the sticky stick in the refrigerator.
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