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The ingredients in these sprays and gels include grapeseed extract, thyme oil and neem oil. The grapeseed extract, or GSE, provides nearly 100% poly phenols which fights strongly with bacterial strains. Also, GSE is able to penetrate the bio film surrounding the bacteria. Both sprays and gels work together with dogs' saliva and have proved to be ideal products with remarkable affects on dogs' teeth when used consistently. In severe cases of periodontal disease it is best to follow your veterinarian's advice, and it is suggested that a diagnosis be made before administering home made remedies. Whether you choose the spray or the gel for dog tooth brushing depends on whatever is most comfortable for you to use. The spray is quicker but your dog may be upset by the noise it makes. The gel can be placed on a finger and swiped quickly along the gum-line, or else with a toothbrush. Cleaning dog teeth with a toothbrush can take some time to master, especially if he is an older dog. Lots of patience and praise should be given. Practice with a little gel on your finger and allow him to lick it off. Repeat this every day for a few days until you feel he is ready for the toothbrush. Clean one tooth at a time, stop, praise and repeat. Some dogs are just resistant to this new experience but rather than give up and quit, use your finger with the gel and be consistent. This should be fun and beneficial for you both. Soon, your best friend will begin to enjoy something new you can do together. Periodontal disease affects most dogs as they get older and is progressive. The choice is either to wait until our loved ones are in pain with bleeding gums, loose teeth and an expensive course of treatment, or gently clean his teeth at home with highly recommended products that are beneficial in reducing plaque and maintaining healthy gums and teeth for life.
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