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Monster high is a international brand and supplementing the fashion dolls, you can buy monster high costumes, films and other digital media, all varieties of stationary as well as clothing products and bags. I would like to present you to some of the monster high dolls. Meet Draculaura she is a vegetarian vampire. Yes she doesn't drink blood and only eats fruit, fresh vegetables and takes a good deal of iron tablets. Draculaura is a vampire who is 1600 years old. Her dad was a famous film star called Dracula. Draculaura attends Monster high, a college filled by friendly monsters. This monster high doll really likes imaginative writing and is very friendly and thoughtful. She has a lot of friends and we shall meet some of them soon. Draculaura has a pet bat called Count Fabulous. Frankie Stein is one of Draculauras very best and closet friends. In monster high she would be known as a ghoul friend forever (GFF). Frankie Stein also has a well known film star as a dad he is called Frankenstein. Frankie Stein is only 15 days old and like her dad is made up from a good deal of different parts of the body. Frankie Stein has a pet made up of loads of different creatures and is named Watzit. The 3rd friend of this close trio is Clawdeen Wolf. Clawdeen Wolf has mother and father that are both werewolves. Like her parents Clawdeen Wolf is coated in fur and has her ears pierced. These three monster high dolls love spending their days (when not studying) browsing shops, chatting up boys and generally doing pleasant things. Clawdeen Wolf has 2 brothers and sisters who also show up at monster high. Clawd Wolf, Draculauras boyfriend and Howleen Wolf the most youthful of the three monster high students. There are several other 'fashion dolls that resemble monsters' that share escapades with these three main stars. Each student that attends monster high looks like their parents and has a name that is related to the parent monster. Some of the main monster high dolls include: Draculaura (Dracula's daughter). Frankie Stein (Frankenstein daughter) Clawdeen Wolf (werewolves daughter) , Ghouila Yelps (daughter of the zombies) Spectra Vondergeist ( her parents are ghosts) Lagoona Blue (Sea monster parents). In conclusion monster high is an international brand that has introduced a collection of dolls (like Barbie) who are all monsters. Each monster high doll is similar to a famous monster from a horror film. The dolls are targeted at children aged 6-14 and mainly females.
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