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These traffic light cameras are programmed to

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The pictures and tickets are then mailed to you after sometime. In a busy area, there can be four of these cameras set up on an intersection for monitoring automobiles from all sides and angles. In a few of these models, film cameras are incorporated; whereas others, especially the advanced ones, digital cameras are used. In addition, some cameras may have speed monitoring technology installed too. As a result, they may serve as traffic light cameras as well as speed cameras. Now let us discuss in general about how traffic light cameras work. General Working of Traffic Light Cameras There are some components which constitute the whole traffic light camera system. These include the pressure strips, laser, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, and sometimes even the Doppler radar. The pressure strips are set under the road, just beneath the asphalt. 'I'm going to rip that Marcus apart when I see him!' Growled the general 'He kidnapped my best friend another general. He was supposed to have died in a explosion in his Head Quarters but he was saved.' Phil stared at 11WX 'Sir I was there when the explosion sounded. There were another group of men trying to kill me why?' 'Ah Phil you're a nosy guy. You're getting into Marcus's business and anyone who does that gets killed.' 'What about you 11WX?' 'I'm not going to get killed I'm going to Atlanta now.' 'What?' Phil said 'Yes now by car.' 'Hold on a second 11WX let me call my pals.' Phil rang up Joe, Harry and Bob.' 'Meet me at the HQ ASAP I got 11WX with me. We're going to escort him to Atlanta. A small parade of cars drove down the road at dawn. Phil was tired after driving such a long night than again driving from D.C to Atlanta. The cars drove on and on until dawn became a beautiful morning. Suddenly the cars started slowing down. Phil looked outside his window and saw a construction site. There was a large bulldozer and more than a dozen workers. 'Go slowly around car 1.' 'Got you.' Replied car 1 on the radio. But when the police car drove up to the bulldozer. The bulldozer rode in front and blocked the road! It was an ambush. Workers shot at the police car. Agent Joe appeared from behind the workers and fired onto them with a shotgun they all slumped down and died. Phil raced towards the 11WX's car. 11WX was safe but all of his guards were shot. All the men in the escort left was Phil, 11WX, Joe, Harry, Bob and 11WX's assistant. 'This isn't safe we got to go by helicopter drive me to the nearest open space I'll call in the army.' 11WX said Phil nodded and got back in his Mercury Mountaineer. Sir sir!' John ran into Marcus's room. 'They've got our ambush team our team's all dead.' Marcus wailed and punched his table.
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