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Thinkway brings you the best line of great toys

by:Top-In     2020-07-21
* Sheriff Woody Toy story collection Sheriff Woody is a 16' talking toy. It has a pull string on his back that allows him to talk to you. He can detect if you are shouting or talking normal. Woody responds to the tone of your voice. * Buzz Lightyear Buzz Lightyear is a 12' space ranger from Star Command. His is on a mission to protect the universe from the evil emperor Zurg. Buzz has light up laser button that can scare enemies away. You can press the green button for the talk back mode. The toy also has level sensor that can detect when Buzz is in a horizontal flying position or standing vertically. It also responds to sound. It has Pop out wings that is ready for flying. * Rex Rex is the green dinosour that has highly detailed figures which are true to scale and larger the life. The figure contains an original character sketch and bio inside. * RC remote-control car RC is Andy's remote controlled car that possesses rewing sounds which Mr. Potato can understand. The car has a green body with blue splash decals in front. * Space Alien (aka Little Green Men) squeeze toys From the pizza planet comes the three-eyed space aliens squeeze toys. The pack consists of 3 aliens that have different facial expressions. * Bucket O Soldiers Inside the bucket are 72 brave soldiers and 2 parachutes. These fearless soldiers are always ready to follow command. * Jessie Toy story collection Jessie is an 11.5 inch lovable cowgirl doll. * Bullseye Every child will love to take Jessie for a ride on this amazing horse. * Retro Slinky Dog Retro Slinky Dog is a pull along toy from the 1950's. The back legs of this dog wiggle to catch up when pulled. * Barbie and Ken From the romantic scene of the movie comes the sweethearts, Barbie and Ken. * Lost O Huggin Bear Lots-o'- is a sweet smelling bear. Even though the bear's attitude is not that sweet, it has its soft side. The bear responds to hugs, tickles and also to your voice. You can give Lots-o'- a hug and he will thank you. Each Toy Story Collection comes with Certificate of Authenticity with John Lasseter's printed signature. The toys have film accurate details which makes it very real and fun to play with.
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