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third line in the works for thong guan

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Strong global demand for nanotechnology
Layered stretch film drives the packaging company through the pipe Industry Bhd plan to eventually upgrade the third production line2018.
The CIMB study points out the possibility of another nano-material
The film line will be installed by the end of 2019.
This is after considering the average pre-tax profit of nano products.
Compared with the conventional stretch film obtained from 12% to 15%, the layer stretch film is 5% to 6% higher.
\"Given the strong demand for the second nanotechnology
Layer stretch film line, the company plans to add a third line installation by the end of 2018.
\"If the company installs another line by the end of 2019, we are not surprised,\" said CIMB Research . \" CIMB Research maintains an \"add-on\" rating and target price for rm5There are 90 stocks.
According to the forecast price of 13 times 2019, the House also maintained the earnings forecast per share and the target price --to-
Consistent with revenue from other local packaging industries. The Kedah-
Headquarters management is said to be actively looking for potential mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
Goal of nano-tech stretch film and max
Further expand the film business in Malaysia.
Guantong first nano-
Make full use of the layer stretch film production line and book the order two to three months in advance.
Strong demand prompted the company to launch a second production line in September 2017.
\"Most of the orders are from Europe, and its main customers use the machine to wrap the film, nano-
\"The layered film is appropriate,\" said CIMB . \" He added that its Asian customers are still using stretch films packaged by hand.
Another positive sign is that the company is seeking to export organic Noodles to China and is negotiating with its Chinese counterparts in order to sell the product in various districts.
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