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Racing games for Mac OS X Bring the world of racing games on your Mac by following the racing games. Only some time you spend on these games and you'll feel like a racer you. The new and improved technology in Mac system, the racing experience is real and captivating. You will live to experience the thrill of high speed racing and life on the wild side. Cars: The Video Game Probably one of the best car racing game for Mac, Cars: The Video Game will be produced based on the popular film from Disney / Pixar Studios. The game features the voices of talented actors like Owen Wilson, Paul Newman and Bonnie Hunt. The plot of this game focuses on Lightning McQueen, a racing driver who gets stuck in the small town with a few others. You can use this PC game to be played by more than 30 different modes of racing and training more than single-or multi-player. Go through the car-gamesTo find children, more adventure. Mini Motion: Cars of Fury The Cars of Fury is an underground RC racing track, where survival of the fastest and most skilled driver can. One of the best PC games for racing, you take control of your vehicle with a Cars of Fury Controller, which helps you turn the page of your chips. You can also go beyond the five nuclear bombs and laser rival Nano car. You can even have your car with a nitrogen-booster that will help you to finish line in the shortest time can. Shaun White Snowboarding It is one of the best racing games for Mac and snowboard race was not better than Shaun White. Since its release the game very good reviews from all critics have called it the best ski-racing game of 2008 collected. Balancing your board on the mountain is extremely difficult and an excellent video and sound quality make the players want more. Horse Racing Manager If you really want to play horse racing games for Mac, I recommend you take a look at Horse Racing Manager. You can choose too many characters for the start of the game with, there are jockey, the horse owners, breeders and trainers. The main goal of the game is to increase the overall performance of your horse, so that it can meet the objectives for each season. For different characters, there are different roles, Horse Racing Manager is really fun and one of the best racing game for Mac.
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