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this might be the best tempered glass screen protector for the galaxy s8

by:Top-In     2020-08-05
It\'s a bit awkward to admit this, but in the last two years I \'ve probably spent more than a hundred dollars on five devices: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S8, Huawei P9 Plus and OnePlus 3.
In the eyes of Americans and Europeans, putting Benjamin down on screen protectors for five phones may not be that much, and they have to pay a high price of $15.
Tempered glass protector and shell for 20 bucks, but in China--
Where are all these things made? -
You can buy it for five dollars.
So, if I can buy the protector for such a cheap price, how do I accumulate such a high bill?
Because after a few weeks or days I have been sending them off and buying a new one.
Overall, I have purchased about 25 to 30 protectors for these five phones-
It is almost impossible to find one that does not suck.
This is not always the case: screen protectors are perfect for all fitpretty regardless of the brand.
However, when the smartphone starts to bend the screen, the tempered glass screen protector starts to have quality problems.
There is a very detailed explanation of why it is difficult for a curved screen to make a glass protector for TL;
The DR version is the tempered glass screen protector manufacturer used to be able to place the adhesive on the entire glass protector and the coverage area is completely flat, but once the display starts to bend, the manufacturer can only place the adhesive on the edge of the Protector.
Only having adhesive on the edge usually causes several problems: the first and most important thing is to lose touch sensitivity in the middle area of the screen, because the protector only attaches tape on the edge.
The second problem is that the adhesive on the Edge captures dirt/dust/dirt and forms a very ugly trash ring around the screen that can be seen on my old Galaxy S8 protector.
Because I have an almost obsessive-compulsive obsession with keeping my smartphone in its original state of function and aesthetics, sensitive muck and loss, even if it is small, I often take me off the guard, try another brand.
That\'s how I dripped so much dough on a cheap piece of glass, all to protect the monitor of my phone.
With the Galaxy S8, I went through several forms of protector, from the amazing tempered glass to Samsung\'s own plastic film protector, but no one ended up satisfying me ---
Until I met the brand Otao.
This Protector is different from other protectors in several ways: one is that the coverage area is actually smaller than usual because it barely covers the curved edges.
This makes the tempered glass protector more compatible with the smartphone housing, the smartphone housing tends to conflict with the curved screen protector, but also reduces the loss of sensitivity, because the adhesive is closer to sticking the plane to the display rather than the angle of the bend.
In fact, my Otao protector for S8 did not cause a loss of sensitivity at all and I could type as usual.
The best part, however, is (
For obsessive-compulsive patients like me)
, Is that the protector does not really catch dirt on the edge like everyone else.
I \'ve had the Protector open for a couple of weeks and it looks like it\'s basically OK so far.
There was slight dust trapped but much better than the photo of my old protector.
You can tell Otao by packaging to put more effort into producing the protector than other brands.
The Otao pack is equipped with a wet wipe and dry wipe for oil and dust removal, a slim cloth, and even a tray mount.
The tray basically helps guide your protector, so it\'s perfect for every attempt.
As a person who has been trying to wear a protector to fit each side evenly in the past, the tray eliminates a lot of pressure.
Since Otao\'s case barely crosses the edge of the phone, it can work with almost any case.
I made a video of the installation process below and did a typing test using the protector.
I just wanted Otao to make the protector for other devices as they won my support with the S8 protector.
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