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this new robot can fly, race and swim like a bug with its special exoskeletons

by:Top-In     2020-01-05
The insect is very clear: the outer skeleton is a terrible defense mechanism. Shell-
Just like the outer layers protect crabs, when they crawl on the beach, provide the cockroaches with a hard, flexible, non-cracked shell and make the locusts jump flexibly and quickly.
But researchers at the MIT lab of computer science and artificial intelligence (CSAIL)
They hope to help robots, large and small, better navigate some very difficult new artificial exoskeletons. to-reach spots.
The latest research they published on \"scientific robots\" on Wednesday was the first: mini robots that can dress themselves, by extracting from a bunch of super origami skeletons, when the conditions are right, it can add or remove all the exoskeletons by itself.
Just like a transformer that can wear its own armor, the flexible attachment allows the robot to jump in different containers when a particular task needs to allow the robot to scroll, fly, or float.
This is a very serious ability to deform: imagine that a rescue robot can suddenly and spontaneously make itself a fast new set of wheels to build a ship floating in the predicament for itself, or do a glider yourself to achieve a soft landing. It\'s here (
Well, in any case, this little beta is
: For any child who has played with toys with broken parts, this is a familiar concept such as detachable wings, clothes or gear.
But the device of this robot works a little differently: when this tiny, eighthof-an-inch-
High robots navigate to the heating pad-only in this way can new exoskeletons be folded in place, wound around the machine, and at the same time new skills will emerge that give the robot the ability to slide, roll or swim autonomously. When the cube-
The robot is ready to get rid of its outer skeleton (
Made of laminated polyester film and PVC (PVC)film)
The robot needs to dive into the water, which causes the arm that connects the outer skeleton to dissolve.
\"Usually, when we design a robot, it has a set of fixed functions: robots can do this no matter what the body can do . \" He directed CSAIL at MIT.
\"With this idea of an external skeleton, we can simplify the manufacture of robots with multiple functions.
Eventually, pop music, she saidit-on, pop-it-
Off technology can be applied to rescue missions, large and small. Other origami-
There is already an inspiration design around us: in solar panels, solar panels are folded up and transported to outer space, living --
Rescue airbags and other robots are also made by Rus.
\"We do show the possibility of a robot that can be controlled in the stomach to remove the button battery,\" said Rus . \".
\"Now what we\'re saying is, let\'s expand this idea and imagine it. . . multi-
\"Inside the human body-robot\" surgeons \"equipped with a flexible set of exoskeletons tools can deploy what they need when they need it.
They may use a specific Shell to remove the battery in the tissue, then pop up another shell that can repair the internal wound, or even deploy an origami outer skeleton, images can be taken inside the body without any invasive cutting or stimulation.
Outside the body, the technology can be used for larger reconnaissance and rescue missions.
Ruseven imagined her future car as an origami transformer.
Traveling to the woodcutter?
Get origami yourself.
Assemble the suitcase from the garage and let it pop up on the car in a day.
As with most academic research, business applications are still imaginative, and it will take years, even if not decades.
In the real world, butterus said, we humans have been doing this kind of deformation: \"We put on different clothes, as we have become. . .
Give power in different ways, \"she said.
The Raincoats kept us dry, the Trail Blazers led us to fight in the office, and the diving suits took us off the coast.
Now, these small robots are equipped with their own new brand exoskeletons and can also be deformed to dress up themselves for any new challenges coming.
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