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This state is poised to become the first to ban foam food packaging

by:Top-In     2020-08-02
Maryland is expected to be the first in the United StatesS.
The state will ban bubble food packaging, take-out containers and cakes, the latest effort to ban all kinds of disposable food packaging worldwide
Use plastic products.
The new proposed law passed the state\'s two legislative assemblies this week with enough votes to overturn a potential veto signed by the governor.
Larry Hogan did not say publicly whether he supported the law.
This law will become the latest in the world\'s increasing prohibition of all kinds of one-time, one-time laws.
Due to the environmental impact of plastic products, please use them.
Hogan reportedly has six days to sign or veto the law.
Before the statewide ban effort, marylands was the two most populous countries, Prince George and Montgomery, both bordering Washington, D. C. C.
Foam packaging has been banned. Del.
Brook Lierman (D-Baltimore)
She sponsored similar legislation last year and 2017. She said the change in public opinion helped her third attempt to succeed.
Representative in the House).
\"I think we have reached a turning point,\" she said . \".
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The use of plastic is non-recyclable and will never disappear.
People are beginning to recognize the importance of a more sustainable life.
The new law will ban packaging in-
States including restaurants, cafes, food trucks and grocery stores.
The final version of the bill includes exceptions such as meat.
The ban will take effect on July 1, 2020, with a fine of $250.
The Maryland Retailer Association opposes the legislation, which warns that banning bubble packaging could hurt small businesses by putting them at higher costs.
Foam packaging is still very popular in the restaurant and food industry as it is light in weight, cheap in price and maintains the heat of hot food and drinks.
In cities or counties in 11 states including Seattle, Portland, Ore, foam food containers are banned. , Washington D. C.
San Francisco and many other cities in California.
After a long legal struggle last summer, a New York City ban came into effect early this year.
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Garbage wheels are reported to be a floating device for collecting waste from ports, collecting an average of 14,000 foam plastic containers per month, which is said to be second only to cigarettes.
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