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today\'s sanders are smooth operators.

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Whether it\'s the edge or the whole part, Sanders today is a smooth operator and the final product is only as good as the sanding work.
With a wide range of sanding equipment available for any type of application, as well as grinding materials that best fit any need, first-class results are achieved
It is easy to finish the quality.
Here are some machines and suppliers on the market.
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AbrasivesNorton Co.
Has launched a counter
Static grinding belt for furniture industry.
The company said that the DL Adalox H248 and H258 belts enable users to meet the strict environmental regulations on air dust formulated by OSHA.
Made from the AO grinding material on the paper backing, it is made of fully re-bonded aluminum with two designs, Openkote and Closekote. 801From C. W.
Crossens, Micro Mesh, a buffer abrasive, said it was able to provide very fine and controlled scratch patterns.
Thenine grits range from 1,500 to 12,000;
1,500 of the sandpaper is slightly close to 600, while it is reported that 12,000 of the sandpaper will leave unrecognizable scratches to the naked eye.
It can be used for bare wood, wood finish, solid surface materials, etc.
802 Hermes Abrasives offers a full range of grinding products for the woodworking market, including belts, sheets and discs suitable for standard needs.
803 CAPCO abrasive supplies belts of all sizes up to 52-in.
Wide instock, ready to ship within 24 hours.
The company supplies all granular sand backing including Blue zirconium and can customize the belt according to specifications.
804 a variety of grinding plates made of red-brown pomegranate can be obtained even from the cutting grinding company.
Control the hardness and toughness of durian by heat treatment to precise high temperature.
Sharp edges of pomegranate stone particles worn due to friction and pressure --
The particles re-break and expose new cutting edges, extending the life of the disk.
E-weight backing is used on the disc.
362RZ belt 805 from 3 m with sharp and durable P-
The particle size grading of tightly graded AO minerals helps to eliminate waste products caused by rough scratches.
Backing is reinforced with polyester film to create a firm defect
Free platform for minerals.
The company says the backing provides a higher quality and a more consistent finish.
The 806 Kumgang abrasive says its main minimum dust product provides users with a cleaner working surface, better finish, less downtime and longer belt life.
807 SIASTAT coated abrasive is designed to reduce the amount of dust generated during typical wood sanding operations.
The belt is used to suppress the dust particles to be charged and attached to the inside of the machine and belt, thus removable through the exhaust system.
SIA America said that the dust-proof performance of the belt will not weaken during the service life of the belt. 808 Econ-
Abrasives said that it will produce abrasive bands of any size and granularity according to the customer\'s specifications.
The 1991 catalogue contains hundreds of grinding materials and woodworking accessories provided by the company, including: Velcro back plates, flywheel, clips, glue, cutting tools, etc.
The 809 products included in the Klingspor abrasies catalogue are: cloth and paper tape, sheets and roll paper, pressure-sensitive adhesive discs, grinding wheels, adhesive grinding agents and sand
810 new, improved Ekamant counter
On all types of backing, including high-flex fabric materials, the uneda profi has static coated abrasive materials on paper and cloth.
Model 811 line/type face Sander from American Machine Company
It is designed for linear parts of 1/2 in. up to 12 in.
Such as molding, wood products, cabinets and furniture parts.
Sanding machine can be used for hard and soft wood as well as composite board, plastic and ground metal surfaces for sanding of the following types: bare wood, sealing device, primer, denibbing/polishing, line Brush and special texture.
Almost any type of grinding wheel or brush can be used.
812 from Tekmatex, Shimura profile sanders can change from one profile to another in 30 seconds.
The company says the preset profile can be rearranged immediately and the sand head can be relocated automatically.
Vertical and horizontal positions are displayed on the LCD display.
The molding and panel edges can be polished on the machine.
813 Arminius SP-12 through-feed, single-
Stiles Machinery sided side profile Sander with oscillating surface Sander and two profile Sander for profile or edge sanding, available from-45[degrees]to +90 [degrees]
, And two profile plate grinding stations.
Line control can be managed through IBM-compatible computers.
814 Delle Vedove profile and edge Sander sand wood, single board or medium fiber board molded, molded furniture components, Cathedral doors with raised panels on the table top or panel edgesand.
They Polish unfinished paint or polyester coated pieces.
The machine is modular and can be equipped with a variety of belt sanders, grinding wheels and special units for handling complex shapes.
815 Voorwood a1 11 Profile shaping machine/Sander shape and sand up to 8 000 linear feet per 2 edge profilesperson shift.
The company said that precision cutting heads and two matching turbine sand stations produce consistent edgeson hard, soft wood and medium fiber boards, and that rapid installation makes it cost-effective in short-term operation
816 QuickWood, now offers the SAMCO series of contour sanders.
From manual grinding wheel profile Sander, profile V4, to straight-through Sander, profile v10, straight line extension.
Larger machines can be used for complex work strips and contour grinding wheels.
New Reckmann Favorit-817 available from E & R supply
M profilesander allows economic polishing of production operations, the company said.
It features two sand heads with the same sanding profile and an effective dust-
Extraction system.
The company said it would vibrate forward and backward, imitating manual polishing, and that the sanding material could only change from 500 to 800.
In addition, due to surface fibers falling off, they do not rise when the workpiece is dyed.
CT-818 belt
SunhillMachinery offers 1332 S light broadband Sander, allowing 13-in.
The ability to polish the width of a single grinding workpiece may be reversed to produce a Conservative 24-in.
It can be done with only two sanding.
Options include: base bracket with castersand side roller bed to support wider material.
The 10 hp/1 ph, 15 hp/3 ph or 20 hp/3 ph model offers 819 Halsty wide belt sanders.
The feature of the machine is built-in
In the dust cover and 37-in. by 75-in. belt.
The handwheel lifts or lowers the conveyor bed, and the aquick reading thickness opening scale is clearly visible and easy to read to indicate an accurate feed bed opening set up quickly.
Color coding push
Buttons and load meters are standard.
Features of 820 Cemco 3000 series wide belt sanders: working range from 25 to 52.
, Broken belt compensation device, Cemco color sense tracking, feed/discharge spring loading clamp feeding roller, 103-in.
Belt and speed conveyor.
All of the company\'s broadband Sanders have three different grinding heads: contact drums for calibration and intermediate processing;
Finish Template used with 180-
600 sand belt; and a three-
The mode double acting head has both contact drum and finish press plate at the same time.
The Heesemann automatic Sander is 821 m from the European wood plant, providing a wide range of applications for handling the most needed tasks.
It is designed and built as a modular system with five cross and longitudinal sanding units in any combination and sequence.
Machines that meet customer specifications can be configured.
4 can be equipped with CNC, vacuum bed, electronic control pressure beam or newly developed CSD system.
The 822 scmi cl series Sander can be used as two-head 37-in. , 43-in. and 52-in.
Machines capable of sanding solid wood and veneer.
Each machine is equipped with a Star Delta voltage reduction starter and a TEFC motor with asynchronous reverse
Dubbing device, variable feed speed and pneumatic segmented pad.
The machine is equipped with power boost and lower table automatically positioned by automatic setting device.
Both rigid and floating bed models are available.
823 automatic Technology 1-
Double-sided molding and sanding machine distributed by Derda company
Shape and sand profile in one pass.
The company said that by using retractable dogs in the feed chain to firmly fix the workpiece, when the workpiece passes through the cutting device, the grinding device can be contour along the feeding table, which can achieve high precision.
824 Jet devices, except 13-in.
Model, function power conveyor meter.
Sanders has an automatic tracking system on the Belt and conveyor belt, ampand load meter, steering wheel thickness adjustment and quick reading thickness opening scale. The JWB-
37 pH is characterized by a 37-in. by 75-in.
Belt, single board, 20-
Hp main motor and variable feed speed from 20 to 79 fpm.
The 825 is available from the Stefani Group America, the Steemac Star series arecalibring and The Finish/veneer Sander with a highly adjustable work table and one to two abrasive belts.
Specifications include a working thickness range of up to 180mm and 3mm min, a working table height of 950mm and a conveyor width and length of 1,120mm and 150mm, respectively.
The belt speed of the first unit is 17 m/second and the belt speed of the second unit is 14 m/second. 826 The DA-3760 36-in.
Broadband Sander features for Lobo power tools: two 20-
Hp main motor, 2-
HP feed and computer-
Automatically adjust the table. It has a 37-in.
Maximum width and 5-in. max thickness.
827 butter-
Electronic broadband Sander from Force Machinery
Controlled segmented pad units for sanding veneer and other materials.
Features include: tolerance compensation up to 2mm; free, multi-track feeding;
And additional equipment that can be used to polish paint or foil.
The segmented pad unit is also reported to be very suitable for work pieces with irregular contours, work pieces with details or cuts, concave work pieces or work pieces covered with paint or filler.
Jenkins, Kohler business unit 828-
Versatile, features a wide range of Vietautomatic wide belt sanders.
Including: Vietmac PL84-
Vietmac PL84 Kombi is used for veneer and solid wood, with the functions of two stationery machines and Hector for high gloss finishing applications.
829 models available in Linden International 2075-
C. combo Hyde sand
The company said it was an American-made machine designed by Europe.
830 Powermatic recently launched 25-in. single-
All-phase beltsander designed for small shops.
This machine features a combined grinding head that easily covers a wide range of applications. A 10-hp American-
Domestic motor is the main driver;
The motor is connected to the soft start electrical control unit to minimize the starting current.
It is reported that the lower side plate is equipped with a control button and a pneumatic tracking system, which is long-term, trouble-free service.
831 from PMC model schedule machine132-
The 6 flat belt sanderfeatures features a heavy-duty welded structure with leveling bolts.
It\'s made up of a 3-hp, 3-
Ph motor with belt speed of 3,800 sfpm.
Features include dust cover with 4-in. outlet and 6-in. -by-36-in.
Desk board with work frame.
832 Edge sandersAll cyclone Edge Belt Sanders now has an air stripping jet as standard equipment.
The device continuously delivers air to the seat belt when leaving the dust trough.
The company said the Air explosion would destroy the normal airflow generated by the belt and make the dust collection system more efficient.
The equipment can also be modified as an old model.
833 Futong Machinery Co. , Ltd.
The new ES489 oscillating edge beltsander is available. It has a 6-by-124-in.
Belt, 47-in.
Taiwan board and Taiwan board from 0 to 45 [degrees]and 3-hp motor.
Fletcher FM 834-30 non-
The oscillating edge Sander for large and small manufacturers are: 5-hp, 1,800-
Fully enclosed rpm motor, manual starter with overload protection, graphite-covered 8-by-48-in.
Metal panel with adjustable lift and dust cover.
According to Mini Max, 835 of Div.
In SCMI, 8 hours of work with a grinder can be done on an L55 stroke grinder in 60 to 90 minutes.
The bed on the L55 is stationary and the belt stretches back and forth on the workpiece. The spring-
The loaded padding moves vertically with the belt on the pivot arm, which allows the operator to stand or secure in one place.
The bed is lifted by a separate motor. 836 Mereen-
Johnson machines
600-series ringingmachine for cabinet industry shapes, profiles and sandals-
Panel and track type.
The company said that the feeding measurement system automatically retrieves the appropriate computer program memory, which allows the feeding of random width plates and the operation of smaller batches. 837 The R-
Ritter Manufacturing Inc. \'s 700 series horizontal edge belt sandersfeatures: 4-by-132-in.
Belt size, double 4-by-49-in.
1 1/2-steel platformhp single-
Phase Motor, manual control on both sides, dust cover with 4-in.
Base base and two 12-by-65-in.
Tilt table.
Model 838 200 and 205 are new introductions to the Sanders series of more than 40 edge belts for Crouch machinery.
Designed for small manufacturing facilities with 50-in.
Length of actor panel
Iron Stand, fabricated steel base, adjustable table and swing
Far from safety.
The Model 200 also features a reclined front-end table and aform block stand.
839 track sanderthe Caselli LEC-
It is reported that the 200 track Sander eliminates the sanding and is constructed into a straight, curved and shaped workpiece with variable thickness round or oval sections.
Macoser of LEC offers-
The grinding action of 200 is carried out by two opposing sanding lights, which complete the sliding movement of the surface of the workpiece by rotating around the workpiece.
Two automatic feeding devices are also provided on the machine.
840 air in denabad
Dynamic Dynorbital random track Sander combines track and random action to generate vortex-
Free finishes for wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic and composites.
The main feature of the tool is
Throttle and weight in palm-balanced back-up pad. The palm-
Model 3 1/2-in.
Diameter capacity, designed for low vibration and quiet operation.
841 Su tool offers 690VV type with aventuri-, variable speed control, random track disc, air finishing sanderpowered, self-
Vacuum system.
The addition of the vacuum reduces dust particles in the air of the workplace without the need for a separate external vacuum. 842 Porter-
Cable now offers a new dust removal system for type 7334, 7335 and 7336 random track Sanders.
The system consists of dust cover, hose, sanding pad and Stikit disc.
The dust collection device is attached to the Sander and the hose is attached to the tool and any traditional workshop vacuum cleaner.
Dust is lifted through holes located on special sanding pads and paper, while collecting additional dust from the edge of the dust collecting hood.
843 dust made by Doctors Without Borders 636-
1 Electric random track Sander is sucked away by holes located at the bottom of the sanding mat and around the outer edge of the pad.
According to Fein electric tools, it is reported that the system removes 98% of the dust generated during the sanding process.
Thesander heavy month. 7 lbs.
, Working at 7,500 RPM, using velcro paper.
The tool comes with a 6-in.
Pad and Paper, also available at 5. sizes.
Drum and other typesetting models for DD-844
63 double pneumatic drum sander, from sand-
Rite with 6-completein. diameter by 7-in. wide and 3-in. diameter by 7-in.
Widepneumatic drum 3/4-
HP single phase motor.
When slightly inflated, the pneumatic drum will make the grinding sleeve conform to the working circle.
Inflation is regulated by an air valve mounted at the end of the drum. 845 The Super-
The Max 25x2 of the gearmax product has a double sand bucket.
The second drum is fully adjustable, aligning both ends of the drum to the same height as shown in the analog indicator by turning the knob.
The company says the machine can be as effective as most of the shaved beds with coarse sand on both rollers as a rough saw.
It is reported that 846 from Hansen & Hundebol, Fladder 300/Gyro is the new generation machine in the Fladder system, which improves the finish polishing of white wood and the closed/primer polishing of veneer solid wood and medium fiber board.
With this machine, the company said, the efficiency of ladder polishing has increased by 50%.
847 save on the available price of the knife grinder 37. and 52in. widths.
The company said the machine was designed for planing and polishing from 0 to 6 in. thick glued-
Wood, ribbon crusher board and core stock in furniture, wood products and cabinet industry.
Features include electronic grinding belt tracking, low-noise planing heads, easy-to-maintain knife heads, and automatic grinding belt tightening.
848 grinding engineering and manufacturing.
The 600 series cutter/Trimmer provides economical planing and width-
According to the company, belt sanding is carried out in a compact unit.
The company says the machine contains many functions for ease of operation, safety and accuracy.
Model 37-in. and 52-in. belt widths.
Options include two heads at the top and bottom
For furniture, wood products and cabinet applications.
849 according to the new ground marketing, the Lockwood power oscillation spindle sander does not leave a grinding line when grinding the edges or contours.
Spindle 6 in.
Long, 1/4 to 3. in diameter;
There are eight spindles.
The machine is also equipped with 5/8-hp motor,1 1/2-in.
57 times per minute.
850 Photos: Sunhill Machinery\'s wide belt sander is equipped with a base with casters and a side roller bed.
Photo: it is said that the advanced minimum dust product of Kumgang provides users with less downtime and longer belt life.
Photo: 3 m says backing on the 362RZ belt is reinforced with a polyester film that provides a higher quality and a more consistent finish.
Photo: even a variety of grinding discs made of red brown garnetare can be obtained from the cutting grinding company.
Use E weight backup on disk.
Photo: Reckmann Favorit from E & R-
M vibrates forward and backward, imitating manual polishing.
Photo: Provide time saving planing knife Sanders with electronic grinding belt tracking.
Photo: Su tools provides 690VV type, random track tray, and air finishing sander in Wenzhu.
Power vacuum system.
Photo: Delle Vedove profile and edge Sander sand wood, single board or medium fiber board molding, molded furniture components, panel edges and raised panel cathedral doors.
Image source: scmi cl series Sander
Polish solid wood and veneer with sandpaper.
Photo: Powermatic\'s single
Phase-Phase broadband Sanderhp American-made motor.
The picture is from European carpentry. Heesemann 4 can be equipped with CNC control. PHOTO : Porter-
The cable provides a dust removal system for products of models 7334, 7335 and 7336.
The system includes dust cover, hose, sand pad and Stikit tray.
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