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Toy Story 3 movie has captured the hearts of both

by:Top-In     2020-06-04
Sheriff Woody is 16 inches in height and talks. You can pull the string on his back and he starts talking to you. Sheriff Woody knows if you are shouting or talking normal. The Sheriff responds to the tone of your voice. Buzz Lightyear is 12 inches in height and also talks. You can press the green oval button for talk back mode. Buzz also has light up laser button with sound effects. Buzz also has pop out wings ready for creative play flying. Jessie and Bullseye come in one pack. Jessie is an 11 inch fully-articulated and poseable doll. With the presence of Jessie's horse, Kids will then love to take Jessie for a ride on her horse. Bullseye is a highly detailed figure of a horse. Bullseye is Jessie's partner. Retro Slinky Dog is a popular toy of the 1950's. The dog is a pull along toy that has a wiggling back legs that catch up when pulled. Barbie and Ken, the sweethearts of Toy Story 3 Collection come in one pack. They celebrate the romantic scene of the Toy Story 3 movie. Space Aliens exist since Toy Story 1. They are always there to help out the gang when they are in need. These space aliens are a bunch of three-eyed space aliens which Andy calls the Pizza Planet Aliens. They are called Pizza Planet aliens because they are prizes from Pizza Planet restaurant. The three space alien toys that come in different expressions. Lost O Huggin Bear is a cute bear especially made for hugging. Lotso, the name of the bear, has a sweet scent of strawberry. The bear is ultra soft and is very huggable. These Toy Story 3 Collection of toys can be great gifts for children. These toys also encourage creative playing. It is also fun to play with these toys as you watch the Toy Story 3 movie. Inisde the box is a Certificate of Authenticity with John Lasseter's printed signature. With the toys 'film accurate paint details' they can also be great collector's items. Toy Story 3 Collection of toys is fun to play with and great for collection. So, start shopping the Toy Story 3 collection now.
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