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Toy Story collection is a collection of interesting

by:Top-In     2020-07-07
Sheriff Woody is Andy's favorite toy. Andy is the little boy from Toy Story 1 who turns seventeen on Toy Story 3. He is going to college and plans to bring his favorite toy, Sheriff Woody, to college. Sheriff Woody is considered as the gang's leader. His leadership ability keeps the group together. You can pull the string on the toy's back and he will talk to you. He knows if you are shouting or talking normal. Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger from Star Command. He tries to bring down the evil emperor Zurg. He has a light up laser button with sound effects that could scare the enemies away. The toy has a Level sensor that knows when Buzz is in a horizontal flying position or standing vertically. Buzz also has film accurate pop out wings. Jessie is the cowgirl in the Toy Story. She is fearful and hyperventilates whenever she is inside dark enclosed spaces. She becomes a sad cowgirl as she was abandoned by her original owner. All of those fears and sadness disappeared as she joins the Toy Story gang. She is now brave, exciting and athletic. She is also very helpful, confident and very loyal to her gang mates. Kids will surely love to take Jessie for a ride on her lovable horse named Bullseye. Retro Slinky Dog is a popular pull-along toy during the 1950's. Its back legs wiggle to catch up when it is pulled. Barbie and Ken, the sweethearts forever take good care of the toys at the Daycare after their struggle with Lotso the Bear. Lotso O Huggin Bear smells like strawberry although his character in the movie is not sweet but has a stinky attitude. The three Space Aliens have different facial expressions. They come from what they say the 'Pizza Planet'.Every toy in this Toy Story Collection comes with Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity. They are great gifts for kids as Christmas is just around the corner.
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