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Toys had always been around to entertain children

by:Top-In     2020-06-05
1920s - Yo-Yo Yo-Yo had been around the Philippines even as far back as 500 B.C. However, yo-yo only raised to popularity in the 1920s, when Pedro Flores, a Pilipino who was working as a bell boy in the United States saw potential of commercializing the toy. Until today this toy still remains popular with cult following. 1930s - Army Men There is not one person who does not know what army men are, even until today's generation. This toy had been a part of popular culture since its release in the 1930s. Army men come in various poses, and today there are enemy troops and vehicles as well. 1940s - Lego Lego blocks allow children to be creative, building anything to their imagination. Even until today, this toy from the Danish giant, Lego Company is still one of the most popular toys all year round. 1950s - Mr. Potato Head Mr. Potato Head is basically facial features that children could plug into real potatoes. Hasbro later invented a plastic spud just so real potatoes don't go to waste. This toy is so popular, it is even featured in Pixar's hit animation film, Toy Story. 1960s - Barbie and Ken Barbie first made an appearance in 1950s, and became widely popular until today. She got her boyfriend, Ken in the 1960s, and the both of them got even more popular. Barbie and Ken are both still immensely popular among girls. 1970s - Rubik's Cube Rubik's cube is a color coded puzzle which was a great hit then, and even until today - spawning thousands of international competition from all around the world to see who has the fastest hands to solve the cube. 1980s - Cartoon Based Toys In the 1980s, cartoon on television had boomed, and because of that, toys based on cartoon were immensely popular such as Care Bear, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and so much more. 1990s - Furby Furby was an animatronics pet creature that spoke 'furbish' and it had the ability to interact with children. Over 16 million toys were sold in only one year, making it a phenomenal success. 2000s - Zhu Zhu The Zhu Zhu pets are affordable robotic hamsters that emulate real ones - without the stench and the mess. Thousands were being sold everyday online and offline, and it was 2009's most wanted Christmas toy. 2010s - ? The decade is still far from over. With plenty of exciting toys that were announced at the 2011 toy fair, one can only guess what will come in this coming decade. Pipsqueaks Toys - Bringing joy to young and old for over 5 years.
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