The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

Tredegar Corp (TG.N)

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Established in June 1, 1988, Tredegar Corporation is engaged in the manufacture of polyethylene plastic film, polyester film and aluminum profiles through its subsidiaries.
The company\'s segment includes PE film, flexible packaging film and aluminum profiles.
The PE film department produces plastic film, elastic material and laminated material mainly for personal care materials, surface protective film and professional and optical lighting applications.
These products are produced in factories in the United States, the Netherlands, Hungary, China, Brazil and India.
The company\'s personal care equipment provides holes, breathable, elastic and embossed film, laminating materials and polyethylene and polypropylene plastic wrap for the Personal Care Market, included in women\'s sanitary products, baby diapers and adult incontinence products are perforated films and laminated materials used as topsheet (
Including Materials sold under the brand of comfort, comfort and fresh feeling);
Breathable, relief and elastic materials used as parts for baby diapers, adult incontinence products and women\'s sanitary products (
Includes elastic parts sold under the brands of ExtraFlex, FabriFlex, FlexAire and FlexFeel);
Absorbent transport layer for baby diapers and adult incontinence products sold under the brand AquiDry and AquiDry Plus; thin-
Specification film easily printed and converted on traditional processing equipment, for the outer packaging of bathroom paper towels and paper towels, as well as Polypropylene film for various industrial applications, including adhesive tape and car protection.
Production List of surface protection devices of the company-and multi-
The layer surface protective film is sold separately. UltraMask, the force field Pearl brand name of the force field.
These films are used for technical applications, especially for the protection of flat panel display components for TV, display, laptop, smartphone, tablet, electronics
Readers and digital signage during manufacturing and shipping.
Its bright View unit makes a series of professional films and films
Provide tailor-made products for the lighting market.
Bright View unit develop and produce optical management products for lightLEDs (LED)
And fluorescent lighting market.
Production of pet in flexible packaging film section (PET)-
Basic film for packaging applications with special properties such as heat resistance, barrier protection and the ability to accept printed graphics.
The films are mainly made in Brazil and sold in Latin America and the United States under the Terphane and Sealphane brands.
Its end-use includes food packaging and industrial applications.
Aluminum Extrusion William L.
Bonnell Company Limited
Known as Bonnell Aluminum and AACOA, Inc.
A Department of Bonnell aluminum (
Together, aluminum profile), produce soft-
Alloy and medium
Mainly used for strength aluminum profiles in construction and construction, automobile, consumer durables, machinery and equipment, electrical and distribution markets.
Section manufacturing rolling mill for aluminum profiles (unfinished), anodized (coated)
And sell painted and manufactured aluminum profiles directly to manufacturers and distributors.
End use of buildings and buildings
Non-residential markets include commercial doors and windows, curtain walls, storefronts and entrances, walkway covers, plumbing, blinds and vents, office wall panels, partitions and interior enclosures, soundproof walls and ceilings, purchase point display and pre-
Engineering structure.
End use of buildings and buildings
The residential market includes shower and tub housing, railings and support systems, Venetian blinds, pool and storm blinds.
Its end use in the automotive market includes structural components for cars and light trucks, spare parts, after-sales service
Sell car accessories, travel trailers and leisure vehicles.
End-Use in the consumer durable goods market includes furniture, yachts, refrigerators and freezers, appliances and sporting goods.
Its final use in the machinery and equipment market includes material handling equipment, conveyor and delivery systems, industrial modular components and medical equipment.
Its end-use in the distribution market includes a variety of custom profiles, including storm shutters, cruise ship accessories, theater set structures and a variety of standard profiles (
Including rods and tubes).
Its end-use in the electricity market includes lighting equipment, solar panels, electronics and rigid and flexible pipes.
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