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Vapor steam cleaners are an essential part of

by:Top-In     2020-06-02
Vapor steam cleaners have multiple advantages. High temperature helps loosen and dissolve tough dirt and grime. Some vapor steam cleaners are equipped with a bacterial elimination system, removing more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria from the surface. Other types of vapor steam cleaners contain HEPA filters that help remove allergens including spores, pollen, pet hair, dander, and silicon dust from the surface. Another reason for the popularity of vapor steam cleaners is that these machines use low flow technology, which means they use little water. Vapor steam cleaners emit dry steam, which has just 5% water content, thereby reducing water consumption. Low flow machines are in great demand in commercial settings including restaurants, where stringent hygiene standards exist side-by-side with challenges such as water scarcity and expensive water disposal methods. The high water efficiency of these machines makes them eco-friendly as well and just right for use in drought prone areas. Why Detergent Use Is Not Required One of the major advantages of using commercial vapor steam cleaners is that they eliminate the need for detergents, as the power of steam is all that is needed. Standard detergents have the following drawbacks: The hot steam generated by steam cleaners usually melts caked on dirt and other stains, which are then wiped off with detailing tools. While detergents are not required, additional cleaning power can be attained through the injection of green chemicals - safe alternatives to commercially available corrosive, toxic detergents. Take note that even the best steam cleaner does not have the high pressure level of pressure washers, which is why it is not suitable for heavy degreasing. Many industrial steam cleaners have large detergent chambers meant specifically meant for extremely difficult cleaning tasks that require the addition of cleaning solutions, like green chemicals. Best steam cleaners minimize detergent use and therefore make the restaurant cleaning procedure more eco-friendly, healthy, and customer friendly. Better yet, advanced antibacterial technologies found in today's top machines offer restaurants the ability to sanitize and disinfect surfaces to ensure the health and safety of diners.
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