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Victoria Beckham reveals her Cannes beauty must-have is a £16 FOIL face mask as she sprawls out in bed in a relaxed Instagram snap

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
Victoria Beckham revealed the unusual way she recovered from the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival last night --
Use a mask made of foil.
Today, the former Spice Girl posted a photo on her Instagram account showing her unusual skin care products.
The picture shows her lying in bed in a white dressing gown. year-
The title of the old fashion designer is \"Cannes 2016 beauty must!
@ Esteelauder PowerFoil Mask! .
\"Scroll down to watch video 16 Advanced Night Repair mask promises to\" reset your skin look after a clear attack in modern life \".
It also claims that by creating a protective barrier that allows \"effective\" ingredients to quickly penetrate into the surface of the skin, the skin \"looks fresher, instant \".
Another beauty of Victoria
Including 28. This product has no wrinkles and is a pink masknude lip-
Shellac naked pants varnish for Liner, lip balm and ND.
She also recently tweeted that Sarah Chapman\'s 3D moisturizing mask \"totally attracted\" her and \"liked\" the silhouette decor of Dr. Harold Lancer.
The fashion star said in an interview last year that she had adopted a \"less is more\" approach to her beauty system, explaining that she had avoided the foundation, but chose to moisturize with color. Body-
Wise, Victoria claimed to swear
Fit clothes and avoid anything tight.
She also revealed that she packed a \"basic\" of 10 Dynaband elastic jobs \"--
When she goes on vacation, band in her case.
Victoria recently launched a limited partnership with Estee Lauder. edition make-up collection.
Yesterday, she tweeted a photo of herself wearing a black shoulder-less jumpsuit with a contrasting white lapels and make-
Starting with her cosmetics collection, she wrote in the title: \"Very excited to be able to make my new # VBxEsteeLauder collection on the # Cannes2016 red carpet! \'.
The star turned over when she was in a storm for Woody Allen\'s star premiere night.
The Association of Film cafes gathers.
The four-year-old mother was under her stunning appearance.
He has Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 11, daughter Harper, 4, and husband David, 41, she decided to relax with Eva Longoria, the other guest, because her girlfriend was holding a large glass of wine and she was photographed holding a bottle of tequila in her hand.
The couple made the most of their time in France, and Victoria shared a series of funny insights about their activities through social media.
The British beauty recently showed her incredible flexibility when she threw a leg into the air, while Eva, wearing a no-back gray number, balanced on the back of the hotel sofa.
Earlier today, motherof-
After a busy few days, four people were photographed returning to the UK wearing a stylish navy flare.
Her pants were sewn against a contrasting white and blue stripe, and Victoria gave an illusion of extra height on her tilted pin, when she actively lengthened her model frame with a pair of patented black Court high heels.
She put the frame on her body and matched the bright bullet with a rummaged white shirt with a heavy gold bracelet on her wrist.
She finished the outfit with a big black saddle bag hanging on her shoulder and a pair of signature oversized sunglasses.
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