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Victoria council looks to bag some feedback — on banning plastic bags

by:Top-In     2020-07-29
As city workers complete their plan to ban singles, the Victorian will have the opportunity to weigh this week
Check out using plastic bags.
Fraser, director of engineering, said the Victoria Council had made it clear that it wanted to see the ban.
The key is to introduce a charter to avoid unintended consequences by properly applying carrots and sticks.
\"What we don\'t want to see is something.
\"People will replace every plastic bag with paper bags, because plastic bags actually have a greater impact on the environment than plastic bags,\" Work said . \".
\"We don\'t want to see a rebound in more resource-intensive reusable bags.
\"A public meeting will be held at Victoria City Hall on Wednesday, planning ahead of schedule to launch a proposed charter on singles next weekuse bags.
Work hope take-out can be positive-
\"Reusable bags are the best\", which is not to say that the ban is inconvenient.
The articles of association must provide sufficient time for the enterprise to make adjustments, including through the existing single inventory
Using bags, design new stock of reusable cashier bags.
\"If plastic bags will be banned and if this is what the Council wants to do, then it will take time for businesses and other different stakeholders to adjust.
Therefore, the schedule for the adjustment period must be reasonable.
This is another key factor, \"said Work.
The proposed charter is still being drafted, so Work indicated that he was not willing to elaborate on what would be proposed.
While some are in favor of a small fee of 10 cents a bag to reduce their use and then turn to the ban, it may confuse customers, Work said.
\"You have to manage these transactions --
\"Be very careful,\" he said . \".
In recent years, the bylaws restricting the use of plastic bags have steadily increased.
At the instigation of Victoria, the capital region recently distributed to the municipal authorities of Member States a model Charter prohibiting plastic bags that could be used as a template for developing their own charter.
Sanić supported the introduction of similar articles of association, however, the Council would like to review the issue by its regional Committee on Environment and Nature and the Committee on Planning transport and economic development before submitting it to the public for feedback.
Environmental organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation have long advocated bans, which regularly organize beach cleanup and collect about 9,000 names on the petition to support the action.
On last May, the City Council instructed staff to meet with commercial and waste
The management representative explored ways to reduce the use of plastic bags.
According to the city\'s website: Victoria alone uses 17 million plastic bags per year
Many of them will eventually be on the beach, on local waterways and landfill sites.
Plastics account for more than 15 of all landfill waste, of which 2-
Thirty people are single.
Use plastic bags, plastic film and packaging waste.
Plastic bags have a negative impact on marine life and the environment.
Renewable fossil fuels
Paper bags may look more harmful than plastic bags, but paper bags actually cause more harmful greenhouse gas emissions than plastic bags during their service life
Bags bans have been imposed in Seattle, Portland and many other cities around the world, as well as in California.
The city notes that before any rules and regulations, merchants can reduce the use of plastic bags by asking customers if they need plastic bags;
Provide rewards for customers with their own luggage;
Charge for the package or set up a free reusable package exchange.
The open day of the town hall is scheduled to be from 6: 30 to 7. m.
On Wednesday, there was a public meeting until 8: 30. m.
Time colonists.
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