The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

visionary award preview: 2007: a beverage wrap, a diaper, a swim pant, a sanitary pad, a pet product and a wipe up for consideration.

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From wet wipes to women\'s sanitary products, to diapers, to pet care products, the role of non-woven fabrics in consumer goods continues to expand.
In addition, the non-woven fabric industry association INDA will once again recognize the innovation of the consumer market through this month\'s Vision Award competition.
Held during the 2007 Vision consumer goods conference, scheduled for January 21
In Denver, six finalists will be selected from more than 20 nominees.
These finalists will give a brief product introduction during the meeting.
Participants will then vote for the winner.
Michael Jacobson, chairman of the Vision Award, said: \"The Vision Award recognizes the progress of integrating non-woven fabric technology into consumer products, these advances illustrate the Domestic Violence Act on non-woven and engineered fabrics developed around the world.
\"There are nearly 20 nominations again this year, and the selection committee has spent a considerable amount of time analyzing the products and then naming the six products as finalists for this prestigious award.
\"Cool2Go Packaging DuPont Cool2Go packaging, used for the first time in cans of beer to keep beer cooler for longer periods of time.
The specially designed Cool2Go package is a thin insulating layer that prevents heat from being transmitted from warm hands, condensation, and external temperatures.
The Cool2Go packaging appears exclusively on the Labatt BlueCold packaging and is available only in two provinces of Canada (
Ontario and Quebec)at this time.
\"Applying the Cool2Go packaging to beer cans is the first time,\" said susan Procaccini of DuPont Packaging solutions . \".
\"The Cool2Go package has a thin thermal barrier that, once cooled, will isolate each tank of blue cold barrier to keep the beer cooler and longer.
\"The Cool2Go package is high by placing-
DuPont Teijin film technology film Polyester Fiber filled insulation material between two layers.
The insulation material is selected because it is high performance, so the label can be applied using the existing label application device.
The cloth comes with a challenge as it needs to be sealed in an insulated package.
DuPont solved this challenge with ultrasonic cutting and sealing.
At the same time, the Melinex polyester film series includes rugged polyester film, which is functionally compatible with many applications such as the Cool2Go packaging.
This patented process produces a thin thermal barrier that locks the expectations of beer lovers for drinks.
Create bright and unique blue tones on contraction
Form a blue cold six in Rabat-pack shrink-
It can be packed using DuPont Sorrell NOW board.
Cyrel is now a general plate for fine halftone, line, screen and solid printing of most printed materials, with a wide exposure range in processing and very short drying time.
Besides alcohol-Foundation and water
Based on ink, Cyrel is now compatible with UV inks, providing good ink transfer and long term printing operation even in key applications.
The plate is flexible and is suitable for the smallest cylinder diameter.
Johnson baby extract wipes are the first and only wipes with vitamin E and aloe vera protection cream and water stripes-
Base lotion containing oil and skin
A loving moisturizer spreads on the surface.
When wet wipes come into contact with the baby\'s skin, green stripes are mixed with waterbased lotion.
This creates a special protective cream that complements the natural protective barrier of the skin every time it is wiped.
Different from classical oilin-
The water wipes the emulsion, where the amount of the lipid is limited, and the care properties of the wipes are the same, and the extract wipes have a separate lipid and water phase.
Green stripes allow consumers to see protective ingredients.
Wet wipes are unique in forming emulsion in situ, resulting in soft skin.
The company chose three-
After studying other non-woven fabrics, exclusive composites were also laid.
According to Matthias Hauser, J & J\'s method of creating creams in the process of applying wet wipes directly to the skin is new --to-the-
Industry Innovation.
\"We know that no one else uses this method of making wet wipes, which leads to an advantage in terms of protection,\" he said . \".
\"As far as we know, wiping is the only kind of wiping in the world with optical and tactile differences due to the influence of pregnancy. \" Mr.
Hauser said the technology will be applied in other wetwipe markets.
\"This technology provides us with a platform and several other applications besides baby wipes,\" he said . \".
Pampers cruiser Procter & Gamble Pampers cruiser is part of pampers premium range, each product is uniquely designed to meet the changing needs of babies at every stage of development. Theline-
Up consists of a six-month-old baby\'s Pampers sw bag, a Pampers cruiser for active babies, a simple Ups for young children, and a feeling learning for the activity potty trainer.
The latest upgrade to Pampers crusher is the addition of anAbsorbAway topsheet, which locks humidity better than before and helps to keep the runny nose of the baby\'s skin.
It can also help absorb humidity and even reverse it.
In fact, the new cruisers and swler diapers of Pampers have all adopted the new core design, as well as this soft, unique mesh top design, which can quickly remove moisture from the baby\'s skin.
According to P & G, cruisers with absorption channel liners have been on the market since late april06 and have achieved great results.
The trial of the product increased by 20% over the previous year, repeated purchases increased by 14% over the previous year, and market share increased by nearly 10% over the previous year.
Similarly, the swlers of absorbaway Liner increased by 28% in the trial, repeated by 18%, and increased by nearly 10% in prioryear.
According to P & G spokeswoman Lisa Jester, these results show a strong acceptance of the product upgrade by mothers.
The absorbing pad is spun based on PE/PP bico
Bonded non-woven fabrics that have been combined with Procter & Gamble\'s proprietary stitching technology.
The way this is done maximizes the softness of the baby\'s skin while reducing all urine and BM absorptionsheet provides.
She said: \"With the new Pampers cruiser/swlers products, we offer unique, advanced advances in non-woven topsheet technology, which clearly brings us to the market and ourselvesJester.
\"Mastering the challenges of woven non-woven fabrics, thereby achieving a level of soft comfort, and designing diapers in a way that super-absorbing particles are still sealed at the core, is a major achievement of byour scientists, our development supplier.
He added, \"the new Pampers cruiser/swsw once again shows that breakthrough non-woven invention is critical to diaper innovation as they provide a very meaningful consumer benefit and competitive advantage.
However, our Pampers program is a typical example of using our non-woven stitching technology.
We believe that this innovation is not limited to diapers, but may also open up a broad path for other exciting consumer goods applications.
\"Petsleeves, Inc.
Petsleeves, a new concept in petwear, provides an easy way for pet owners to make their home, vehicle or workplace cleaner, healthier, cleaner, andThis nonwoven-
There are eight sizes to choose from based on a disposable pet Hood, suitable for many pet sizes, which control the pet\'s hair.
Depending on the material, Petsleeves, using fiber web spinners and spinners non-woven fabrics, is the first disposable pet cover to help protect the towel and other pet hair areas.
Unlike cloth petcover and clothing, these products can be worn several times before they are thrown away, eliminating the challenge of cleaning and removing pet hair from clothing.
It is available in eight sizes and is suitable for all kinds of pets.
\"I believe so far. . .
There is no real petwear for many size pets as people are making pet costumes to mimic humor. \"Said Jody Nassour of petsleeves.
\"The question is, these cute pet clothes are either not suitable for medium size large pets, and if so, how comfortable will it be for pets to wear for hours?
\"Petsleeves, as a prototype, was launched in 2006 after being exhibited at two pet exhibitions in 2005.
According to the Lady
Nassour, which led to a strong demand for products before the manufacturer actually started commercial.
\"Our problem is that the media is ahead of us and we have not yet put the product into the store.
We are trying to change that.
\"In addition to the products designed for pet owners, Petsleeve also offers a product version for veterinarians and is currently developing a version for K9 police animals. Ms.
Nassour said the target for the product is $70 million. S.
Families with cats and dogs.
\"I have to imagine that most of these pets will cause pet hair problems for pet owners.
This is also what I heard from many conversations with pet owners. I, as a two-
Petowner, for years, has been looking for cover for my pets as they walk into the house or on my car trip.
\"The huge problem with pet hair causes pet owners to spend a lot of time and money cleaning. \"This is a no-
Nonsense pet products that logically help solve pet hair problems.
Once the necessary funds are available to educate/market this product to pet owners and use this \"looks interesting\" material clearly, I think they will be as fascinated as I am.
Concluded Nasser.
Tyco swim trunks Tyco Healthcare Tyco swim trunks are suitable for infants and toddlers who have not yet received pottytrained training.
Through the new use of the unique machine direction stretch film, the smooth stretch side panel of the pants is designed with specific stretch and relaxation profiles, providing the child with the necessary range of adaptation and comfort.
Unlike other swimming trunks on the current market, Taike\'s products use non-
Pulp core without high absorbent polymer. The pants were originally launched in the summer of April 2006 and enhanced during the 2007 swim season with improved stretch film for better fit and comfort.
According to company information, sales-
The Inper season has surpassed the initial market estimate of 150%. Year-to-
Throughout the summer, the date sales of date antrepurchase were unusually strong.
Sales in this development category have been helped by the public swimming pool, which requires swimming pants for babies and toddlers.
The product is made through laminated non-woven material and non-woven
Pulp core.
The lamination of the non-woven stretch film allows for a thin and smooth side panel appearance.
This method eliminates the elastic strands, which creates a worse look in the current training pants.
There is no pulp in the filament core that makes it not
Bloat, so it doesn\'t limit the movement of children in the water, which is an important functional progression that Tyco distinguishes itself from competition.
The unique laminated side panel with stretch film provides children with a new look, fit and comfort, the asummertime theme and color are aesthetically pleasing and provide a high level for buyers
Stretch Film has been around for a while, but its application in this new product has raised the technology and future potential to a new level.
This product makes us stand out from the competition and raises the threshold for entering this market.
In response to the growing number of women suffering from allergic diseases related to the use of napkins and underpants, Corman is producing 100% cotton napkins and pantyhose.
According to executives, the use of cotton has proven to reduce irritation and give it incredible softness and freshness.
This napkin is designed for skin-sensitive women and for those who like natural alternatives from other brands and cover unique, profitable and qualified market segments.
In order to realize the design of the product, the cotton wool absorption core wrapped with pure cotton non-woven fabric or cotton gauze is used to ensure the ventilation and low allergy of the product.
In addition, a waterproof and breathable layer is added to ensure maximum comfort.
Other features include anatomical design, safety
Keep the adhesive and wings to ensure a safe fit.
The product was produced in cooperation with Quebec.
Based on LysacTechnologies and its Lysorb natural high water absorption resin, the absorption and retention of menstruation are optimized.
Last year, the disaster blanket that won the Las annual Vision Award was Chicopee for its disaster --
Relief blankets that combine PGI\'s Apex technology with the spinning process.
The material made from each process is laminated into two
Double sided products for extra warmth and comfort.
After the tsunami in Southeast Asia and the hurricane in the northeast of the United States, this coverage was used. S.
Earthquakes in Guatemala and Pakistan
Depending on the disaster and climate, chicope offers three blankets--
One layer, double
Double-sided and metal textile blanket with disposable heating pad--
Protect disaster survivors from threats
The standard size of each blanket is 60x80 inch and weighs just over a pound.
The use of non-woven fabrics, rather than the traditional wovenfabric, increases softness, absorption and completeness
This product is versatile and suitable for many different climates and situations.
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